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Values: Doing business in God's way

• Doing business in a moral and ethical way. Putting our religious beliefs into practice.

• Integration of our business and our Christian ministry.

• Building an ethos of dedication to the needs of others and contributing to the satisfaction and growth of all individuals.

• Making the company as the industry leader in providing products and services of the highest value and greatest integrity.

• We have used the term "Intra-preneur" to encourage our colleagues to nurture their own entrepreneurial and ethical business endeavours within our group of companies.

• We provide a personal and family -friendly working environment.

• We believe that people are our major asset.

We have a professional team of engineers with proven experience and capabilities in R&D including collaboration with international elite partners, local and overseas research universities and hospitals. We have in house and external partners aligned together to research on clinical practices in order to further develop on new products and built the knowledge basis for continual product improvement ahead of competitions.
Our production bases at Shen Zhen and Dong Guan which is within 2 hours travel right across the border from Hong Kong. Our factory is ISO 13485 certified premises for medical device manufacturing. Our staff has professional training and years of experience in medical field and management of comprehensive quality management system.